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Try Gursha!!

  The technique of hand feeding your Dinner companion by placing chunks of food into the mouth.
Traditional Way of Eating Injera
step 1
Tear a piece of Injera off the side of the large piece laying on your plate.
step 2 Hold the piece of Injera that you tore flat in your hand.
step 3 Put the piece of Injera over your choice of wat(sauce).
step 4 Grab and hold some wat(sauce) with the injera.
step 5 Enjoy the whole scoop or'gursha'
The Ethiopian custom of giving"Gursha" plays up the exotic component of eating.Gursha means mouthful and refers to a wad of Food which one places carefully in another's mouth,usually as gesture affection.
Gursha is exchanged between husband and wife and among relatives and friends. We would like for you to experience the art of Gursha and enjoy the delicacy to its fullest.We would like to extend our greetings to you in welcoming you to Ethionpia.
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